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For pilots intersted in Big Paramotor meet but not that skilled in Swedish we´ve tried to gather this small summary of information. And just so you know – you wont be the first non-Swede attending the fly-in!

The important date to mark in your calender is: 19th-22nd of May!

Big Paramotor Meet has for five years been one of the largest paramotor events in Sweden. Growing from just a small gathering of friends it has grown into a meeting with 60-80 attending pilots – and additional spectators. This year we intend to keep up the nice tradition of a fun social meeting on a new great airfield with lots of good flying.


The air-field and sorroundings

This year the fly-in has moved to Arboga Airfield. It is located outside the small town of Arboga situated app. 150km west of Stockholm. Once upon a time it was a military airfield so it has a paved runway. But these days it is the grass strip next to it that is mostly in use. Run by the local private flight club, who won´t be flying much during our weekend. However, there are some military areas at the far end of the field so please pay close attention to local photo regulations.
The area around the arifield is a nice mixture of farmlands and small forrests that are easily crossed. As in many parts in Sweden the farms and villages are spread out all over the landscape. And we´re not far from lake Malaren so you should be able to get some nice water views as well.
For a preview we recomend the Swedish map site



In order to attend BPM you must have a valid paramotorlicense and insurance from your home country. Your flight equipment must if needed be approved as well according to your local regulations. If you have any doubt we sugest you verify with your paramotor federation and insurance company that you are allowed to fly abroad and that any injuries are fully covered. If the worst happens and you get injured legal problems is the last thing you want!

Please observe that besides the general aviation rules stated in Sweden there are also a set of local flight rules. At this time they are only available in Swedish but make sure you have been helped in translating and understanding both local and general rules before your first flight. This way you have a full understanding of how to make your contribution to a safe an fun flying event.

(If time allows a translation of the regulations will be posted on this site before the event)
Briefings will be held regularly and please attend. Ask any fellow pilot for help in translating.



During the meet we have access to the flight clubs house with toilets and showers. On one of the sections of the air-field we are able to set up the BPM-camping. So please bring your caravan, mobilde home of tent. (Vol bivac will pobably give you a discount but it´s not yet desided) For hotels/(youth)hostels we kindly ask you to contact the Arboga tourist information for information. Link Arboga town site

At the air-field we will have lighter food for sale during the entire meet. (Hot-dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, coffe etc)

Your flight gear can be kept in a locked hangar over night.



The basic cost for the fly-in is only 100SEK
The camping fee is 100SEK for each place (caravan/camper/tent) and an additional 50SEK for each person.

We kindly ask you to ”register” before coming to BPM. There is no payments to be done and hence no cancelation fee or anything. This is just for information to the organizers to help in the planning. The formal registration and payment is done at the field when you arrive.

For registration please send and E-mail to Marten Wibom. Please write your name, cell phone number, mailadress, time of arrival and departure, need of camping spot and if you have any other non flying persons attending with you.

If you have any further questions about Big Paramotor Meet you can send an E-mail to Henric Hoggren.


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